Tatum L. Ryan
Growing up, my family was moved around  because of my Dad's job, so as a result I have lived in Arizona, Michigan, Egypt and New Jersey. Since we bought our house here in 2003, Hartland has become the place where I have lived the longest.
My husband and I met while I was still at Michigan State and sometimes it feels like we have been together forever. We have a daughter, at Hartland High School and two sons, who both attend Creekside Elementary. I adore and couldn't live without my girlfriends and they all know who they are! Hobbies: Running and working out. I am very active and love going to the gym for my 'me' time.  I love college football and watching MSU football games is one of my favorite past times. We are a huge soccer family with all of us playing, watching or coaching during soccer season.  Reading. 
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