Ryan-Iver Klann
I currently reside in Brighton with my wife Kristen, our two daughters, Haley and Jocelyn, and our son, Ryker. One of my brothers and my sister also live in Brighton, and between the three of our families we have 9 kids going through the Brighton School system!
By trade, I am an actor. I have performed nationally in over 30 different productions, and performed locally with the Wild Swan Theatre in Ann Arbor, The Phoenix Players in Green Oak Township, and at various colleges and other venues. Although the theatre is my passion, I have found my way onto a film set here and there! Feel free to look me up on IMDb.com. Well, as the kids get older and my responsibility to them as their father continues to grow, my career in the theatre is on hold. Sure I still perform, but I have to put them first as they need a full-time dad, and my wife needs a full-time husband. Hence, I am a part-time actor lol. I also have a new-found love for fitness! So much so that I gladly accepted the invites to compete on American Ninja Warrior seasons 3 and 4! Although I did not win, it was so much fun that I continue to train and am looking forward to the next season. My current occupation is in retail management, and am happy to be able to provide a good life for my family. I care deeply about Brighton. This is a great area to live and raise a family, full of incredibly passionate people, talented artists, creative business owners, and a community that feels more like a family than a just a bunch of residents.
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