Celtic Festival Has New Layout at Millpond Park

The new layout allows visitors to stroll around Millpond Park and see the festival while sipping beer.

The Celtic Festival at Millpond Park looks different this year.

"I don't think Pat Little would even recognize it," joked Bob Rash, a member of the festival's organizing committee. Little, Saline's former mayor, was intrumental in the creation of the festival and has been involved ever since its inception.

(A map of the new layout accompanies this article. You can download it to see it in full size.)

In years past, visitors would enter the festival and immediately see the beverage tent on the lefthand side.

"We wanted a layout that would get people moving around and seeing everything the festival had to offer," said Rash.

In an era when mobility is the name of the game, the Celtic Festival is allowing beer drinkers a bit more liberty when strolling through the park. For the most part, once they cross through the "castle gate," beer drinkers can drink anywhere within the festival.

"If someone wants to buy a beer, they don't have to drink it in the beverage tent. They can take it with them to watch the Highland Athletics or Celtic Survivor or some of the other demonstrations," Rash said.

For more information, visit www.salineceltic.org.


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