VIDEO: Saline High School Alumni Sing the Fight Song

Graduates from 1934-2012 sang the Saline High School fight song at a banquet Saturday night.

Saline High School graduates reunited at Liberty School for the annual Alumni Banquet Saturday night.

The banquet attracted a wide range of graduates, from , to 2012 graduates Alison Rentschler, Alli Cope and Rachel Aulisa.

In this video, the alumni close out the banquet by singing the Saline High School Fight Song.

Here are the lyrics:

Come and fight fight,
fight for Saline High;

Unfold those Blue and Gold
flags to the sky;

Our hearts are filled with
love and loyalty;

Now as we boost our team
to fame and victory.

And then we’ll cheer, cheer, cheer
for Saline High;

Because our fighting spirits
never die.

So raise your voice and
give a rousing cheer

Rah, rah, rah – Saline High!


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