Eric Diroff Leaves Saline High School for Tawas Post

Eric Diroff was interim principal of Saline High School after nine years as assistant principal.

Eric Diroff is leaving for a position in Tawas, according to the Iosco News.

Diroff, who served as assistant principal at for nine years before becoming interim principal in December of 2011, has been named principal of Tawas Area High School. The school is located just outside of Tawas City, located on Tawas Bay near Lake Huron

He was appointed interim principal when to become superintendent of the Central Lake Public Schools district in Northwest Michigan. In 2012, Milan Area Schools Superintendent of Saline High School.

Diroff was part of an administrative team that helped Saline High School become recognized as   He implemented the Link Crew freshman transition program and a school safety and security program. 

Diroff is a graduate of Monroe High School who holds a bachelor of science degree and master’s degree in Educational Leadership in education from Eastern Michigan University.

He resides in Tecumseh with his wife and three children.

(Editor's Note: I will try to update this story Friday.)

MSU July 20, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Just another great Administrator leaving Saline Schools. Saline used to be the school people would love to work for. Now people are running to other schools to get an opportunity or retire so they don't get moved around or harassed. We will miss you Eric my kids just loved you as a fair and funny administrator. Thank you for everything you did for Saline and good luck you will be missed.
Linda TerHaar July 23, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Congratulations and best wishes to Eric, my fellow SLI 12 graduate!


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