District, Foundation Continue Discussion About Full Time Employee

A proposal to partner to hire a full-time foundation employee may have to wait as the district deals with other issues.

The Saline Area Schools district and Foundation for Saline Area Schools continue to talk about a proposal to partner in funding a full-time foundation staff position.

On Monday, Saline school board trustees Lisa Slawson and Amy Cattell met with foundation trustees Reid Paxton and Dennis Valenti to discuss the foundation's proposal. The proposal is for the distrct to allocate $50,000 annually for three years. The foundation would match that allocation. The idea is to take the foundation, largely driven by volunteers, to the next level with professional fundraising and marketing. The position would coordinate and grow activities that have raised $260,000 for Saline Area Schools over the last three years.

School officials say they see the value in strengthening the foundation.

“We want to keep the conversation going. The sustainability of the Foundation for Saline Area Schools is critica! to the success of Saline Area Schools," said Slawson, President of the Board of Education. "Their support in the form of both strategic and teacher grants has been a vital component in helping to continue to develop innovative programs for our students.”

The Foundation for Saline Area Schools recently presented the district with a check for $70,000 to support the "Kids Who Read... Succeed” strategic grant. The funds will be used to develop ciassroom libraries to better address the iiteracy needs of the students throughout the district.

“The conversation was a good one but the foundation is mindful that the board of education has several pressing issues on its plate this summer," said Foundation for Saline Area Schools Trustee Reid Paxton. "We think it in the best interest of both parties to keep the lines of communication open but hold off on detailed conversations about a potential partnership until the immediate budget and collective bargìning issues are resolved.”

No timetable has been set to bring the proposal to back to the full board of education for potential action.

Brian May 10, 2012 at 12:41 PM
So the annual cost for a "professional marketer" would be $100,000? While the district is talking about how much money is being needed every year? The math doesn't make sense. The Foundation raised $260,000 for Saline schools over 3 years. Yet they are willing to spend $150,000 (their contribution) to pay for a consultant? Unless the professional can guarantee that the fundraising effort would exceed the $300,000 over 3 years that it would cost to have the professional fund-raiser then I think the school district and the Foundation needs to go back to middle-school math class because as I see it the district and Foundation only gets another $300,000 over the next 3 years all they've done is break even without any benefit to the schools.
Duckengine May 10, 2012 at 12:48 PM
SCOOBYDOO May 10, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Fund this yourselves Dennis and Reid. You promote yourselves as "fundraisers" so why are you asking the school district to give you money. Go raise it yourselves please and show us what you are made of.


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