Voters in York and Lodi Have Big Decisions on August Ballot

There are races for Supervisor in York and Lodi townships while the primary election will be quiet in Saline and Pittsfield townships.

The filing deadline for August primary election candidates has passed.

Here’s how the races shape up so far:

Pittsfield Township

There are no contested primary battles in Pittsfield Township, where all the candidates are Democratic. All but one candidate is an incumbent. Running for Supervisor again is Mandy Grewal. Alan Israel is seeking re-election as Clerk and Patricia Scribner is seeking the Treasurer’s office again. Trustees seeking re-election are Gerald Krone, Michael Yi and Stephanie Hunt. Frank Lotfian is the only new candidate on the ballot.  Four seats are open.

Trustee Andrea Brown-Harrison is running for state representative.

Karen Zera, Cleveland Chandler and Patricia Stanton-Kawalec are Democratic candidates for Park Commissioner. Five seats are open.

Saline Township

There are no contested races in Saline Township.

All of the candidates are Republican and all are incumbents. James Marion is running for Supervisor. Kelly Marion is running for Clerk. Judy Gordon is running for Treasurer. Robert Marion and Robert Prehn are running for Trustee.

Lodi Township

Supervisor Jan Godek is running. Karen Edman and Jeffrey Feldkamp are the two Republican challengers vying for the job. Incumbents Elaine Masters, Clerk, and Michelle Foley, both Republicans, are unopposed. There are four open Trustee seats on the board. So far, Byron Staebler, William Lindemann, and Margaret Canham-Keeley, three Republican incumbents, are in the race.

York Township

There will be a heated Republican battle in York Township. Supervisor Joe Zurawski is challenged by Republicans Chuck Tellas and John Stanowski.  Joan Alexander is the only Democratic candidate for Supervisor.

Incumbent Clerk Helen Neill and incumbent Treasurer Sally Louis are unopposed.

For Trustee, five Republicans are battling for four spots on the ballot. In the running are incumbents Jill Hargrove and Jane Kartje, and Dan Pichla, Brian Iott, and Thomas Preston. Incumbent Gary Zajac is the only Democratic candidate on the ballot.

State Races

Republican Mark Ouimet and Democratic candidate Gretchen Driskell are unopposed in their primaries for the 52nd District seat. Andrea Brown-Harrison and Adam Zemke are Democratic candidates who will face off in 55th District primary. Republican candidate Owen Diaz is unopposed.

County Races

Incumbent Alicia Ping is uncontested in the Republican primary for District 3 of the County Commission. Wesley Prater is unopposed on the Democratic ballot.

Incumbent Felicia Brabec is unopposed as Democratic candidate in District 4. Richard Conn is unopposed as Republican candidate.


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