Police Chief May Make $91,000

Council will consider contracts for city officials when it meets tonight.

Saline City Council will consider approving an employment contract with its new police chief when it meets Monday night.

Larry Hrinik, who council chose as the city’s next Chief of Police, would earn an annual salary of $91,109 in a contract negotiated with City Manager Todd Campbell last week.

Council will also convene in closed session for an evaluation of Campbell. Among many actions dealing with city staff, council will consider a 2 percent cost of living increase for non-union employees, as well as a resolution requiring city staff to contribute three percent of the cost of the retirement plan.

Here are the recommended salaries for officers of the city:

  • Manager, $106,976
  • Superintendent, $103,392
  • Police Chief, $91,109
  • Clerk, $70,977
  • Treasurer, $70,977
  • Assessor, $70,977

In other matters:

• City council will consider a motion that will increase the contract with a local public transportation company. People’s Express is asking for an additional $2,100 annually from the city, bringing the total cost $44,100. People’s Express has served Saline since 2007. It provides direct service to University of Michigan Hospital, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, the VA Hospital, and various medical facilities on Clark Road.

• Council will consider approving use of streets and services for Summerfest, taking place Aug. 10-11.




Mary Hess June 18, 2012 at 04:03 PM
It appears that is base pay . I beleive the benifits are about 30% above that. The building dept over the last 10 years has had a BIG DROP in permits. Saline city charter provided .The City superintendent years ago had the duties of the city manager . It went Saline city council, to city superintendent, to city foremen .then employee (Strong council form of goverment). Over the years we have hired our permits outside.. I beleive it is time to turn over our building-engeer dept also. I thank staff for takeing a wage freeze,
Frustrated Saline Taxpayer June 18, 2012 at 06:03 PM
City Superintendent making 6 figures, plus benefits, retirement, and full time use of a CITY OWNED,INSURED AND FUELED CAR ...you have got to be kidding me! What projects are going on that city government can use to justify this ridiculous salary or the job itself. Everyone who I've ever come in contact with that have had to deal on a professional basis (including those inside City Hall) with the "Super" has reiterated that he is arrogant, difficult to deal with, and is under qualified for the position....so we pay him 6 figures and then give him a raise???? What a joke! Almost every citizen is making sacrifices during this difficult economy. Why shouldn't city government look at making changes in NON-CRUCIAL areas to show they are willing to make sacrifices by outsourcing and looking hard in their own backyard to save taxpayer $ being spent on huge salaries in Departments/Positions that are no longer justified. It's time to stop asking the taxpayers what they can do for the city and start asking what city government can do for the taxpayers! Council/Mayor -- I whole heartedly agree with Ms. Hess. Outsource the Superintendent/Bldg function already! We do not need a fulltime person for this job! Show the taxpayers for once that you are truly serious about managing taxdollars effectively. 6 figure salary for the Superintendent is NOT managing effectively!


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