Pittsfield Recognized for Financial Transparency

The board was recognized for financial transparency and good stewardship of public funds.

 Awarding of the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting on behalf of the Government Financial Officers Association of the US and Canada (GFOA) topped the agenda at the May 23 Pittsfield Charter Township Board meeting. Nathan Baldermann, director of the Michigan GFOA presented the commemorative plaque.

The award recognizes financial reporting that goes above and beyond accepted accounting requirements, evidencing a spirit of transparency. Pittsfield was the only municipality in Washtenaw County to receive this prize.

The entire Board of Trustees was on hand to accept the award. Supervisor Mandy Grewal, Financial Director Tracy Watkins and the board were justifiably proud of their achievement.

Grewal called the meting to order at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening, May 23. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the acceptance of the minutes of the May 9 meeting, Baldermann moved to the podium to present the accounting award.

Next on the agenda, Mark Ketttner of Rehmann Robson Business Consultants reviewed the award winning report. He pointed our various details and the comprehensive nature of the report.

“You had budgeted to break even,” Kettner said. “You actually ended up favorable by $971,280.”

Grewal praised all of the staff that had contributed to this encouraging result. The board then voted to receive and accept the report.

Spring Cleanup a Success

Supervisor Grewal made a proclamation of recognition for all who helped in the May 12, Spring Cleanup Day. A total of 636 cars came to unload recyclables compared to just over 500 a year ago.

“The volunteers really stepped it up,” Grewal said.

Finances Stable

Treasurer Patricia Tupacz-Scribner reported on first quarter cash balances. Summing up the data she said, “Our funds are stable and protected.” The board unanimously accepted the report.

Supervisor's Resolutions Approved

The board discussed a series of resolutions from the supervisor. These concerned contracts and proposed expenditures ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. Township attorney Jim Fink took the podium to walk the board through the intricacies of the various proposals.

The most costly item also provoked the most discussion. This dealt with a disbursement of monies to Lake Forest Highlands Drainage district and a sidewalk improvement project on Ellsworth Road. Fink provided the history of the dispute leading to this resolution. The cash is coming from a previous settlement between the township and the owners of the development.

An issue that seemed to uplift the board was approval of funding for native plantings and a rain garden at the Administration Building. The landscape plan had been well planned and will provide a sustainability model for township citizens.

“Good idea,” said Krone. “I like this.”

All of the resolutions were accepted, albeit with a few tweaks of the language, usually for greater clarity.

In the case of a proposed expenditure to supply air conditioning in the computer server room of the administration building, trustee Michael Yi asked whether any American manufacturers had been allowed to bid on the project. Finding that only one Japanese company had been considered, the board decided to alter the resolution to allow competitive biding.

Historic District Language Approved

The board reviewed a second reading of the amended Historic District Ordinance. There was little discussion. A roll call vote recorded seven ayes and no nays. Scribner praised all who contributed to the ordinance.

Public Comment

In the second public comment session, one citizen, Christina Lirones, of Textile Road, commented on the information packet made public before the meeting. She felt that some important information had been excluded. 

Other Business

The board approved a consent agenda with little discussion. This included approval of payables, receipt of various reports and approval for tuition reimbursement for some township employees.


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