Mayor-Elect Brian Marl Thanks Supporters, Former Educators

Marl says he hopes to engage with young people during his first term as Saline Mayor.

Mayor-Elect Brian Marl visited recently with two of his former teachers who he says helped to shape his interest in and passion for public service. Marl was elected last week, and will begin his term of service as Mayor of Saline in January. Both educators, Ms. Pam Wickman and Mrs. Teri Bunting, still work within Saline Area Schools.

“During the past few days since the election, I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and support of people throughout our community,” Marl said. “The experience has caused me to reflect on the many people who have helped me throughout the years, and helped to make me the person I am today. I am a product of the Saline community, and that started with a strong family, and with my high quality K12 education.” Marl attended Saline Area Schools and graduated from Saline High School in 2003.

“One of my goals during my first term as Mayor will be to work to engage young people, the way my teachers encouraged me, to be active participants in their community and to consider public service throughout their lives,” said the Mayor-Elect. “I am so grateful to Mrs. Wickman, Mrs. Bunting, and countless other hardworking educators who dedicated their time to educating and inspiring young people like me.”

To share a question or concern with Mayor-Elect Marl, Saline residents can email him at briandmarl@gmail.com, call him at 734-272-3654, or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

- Submitted by Brian Marl


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