Marl Glad to Have Competition in Mayor's Race

Marl said Law's entrance into the mayoral election will be a good thing for city residents and for city government.

Saline Mayoral candidate Brian Marl said Monday he’s pleased that his friend for the city’s top elected post.

“Although it may sound counterintuitive, I think it’s a good thing. For far too long voters in Saline haven’t had a choice when it comes to who will serve as mayor,” Marl said. “Anytime there is competition for a political office it is a good thing for voters and a good thing for government.”

Marl, elected to city council in 2008, served next to Law on city council before Law resigned to take a teaching job in Menominee last September.

“Glenn is a friend. I wish him well. Conversely, I am 100 percent confident in the campaign I am running and I am overwhelmed by the momentum we’re developing,” Marl said. “Ultimately, I believe my campaign will be successful but I am not taking anything for granted. I will continue to run a vigorous campaign and promoting a message that I believe is resonating with residents of Saline.”

Asked to contrast himself with Law, who served on council from 2003-2011, Marl declined.

“I will say I have a succinct vision and clearly defined set of priorities. The only thing I would add is that I am here for the long haul. Win or lose, I am not going anywhere,” Marl said. “I have the right ideas and the experience to be an effective mayor.”

Candidates have until Aug. 7 to submit nominating petitions for the November election.

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