Map: Where are the Potholes in Saline? (Everywhere, We Know)

This embedded map is designed to collect your reports on potholes in your area.

It's been a rough winter. It's snowed, it's melted, it's been almost spring-like, it's snowed again, melted, and then frozen into a sheet of ice over our homes, cars, and backyard swing sets.

And, boy, has that done a number on our roads.

As most people know, potholes are caused when water that seeps through cracks in the asphalt gets underneath the paved surface and freezes, expanding and loosening the asphalt. The more it freezes, melts and freezes again, the more potholes will form. And that's exactly what's happened this year.

The job now is to tell your highway crews where the potholes are so they can start the large job of patching them up.

Online web tool See Click Fix allows locals to submit, and even plot on a map, local problems to an online portal that local highway departments and other services monitor closely.

It's a tool this reporter has seen work. On Wednesday, I submitted an issue on See Click Fix about the unplowed state of my neighborhood road. Within a half hour, a plow barreled down the street and I received an alert saying my issue was resolved.

We've embedded a map above designed to collect your reports on potholes in your area. To log your pothole issue, hit "Report an Issue" on the map above. Include and address and problem description, and hit "Submit." Follow the same steps to report multiple pothole locations.

Let's see how many we can log.


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