Interim Police Chief Lindman Considered for Permanent Post

City Manager Todd Campbell said Lindman has fit in well at the Saline Police Department.

Having narrowed the field of candidates to 16, the continues its search for a permanent police chief, according to City Manager Todd Campbell.

The city is not prepared to release the names of the 16 finalists, Campbell said. But he did reveal the name of one candidate at Monday’s council meeting: Interim Police Chief

The revelation was a surprise. When city council began looking for an interim chief to replace Paul Bunten, the city made it known they wanted an interim chief who was not interested in the permanent position.

When hired, Lindman said he wasn’t interested in the permanent job.

Campbell said that Lindman has fit in well in the

“Some of you have heard, as I have, good things about Chief Lindman from people in the department and from the community,” Campbell said. “It turns out he loves here in Saline.”

Campbell said “a little birdie” told him Lindman was interested in staying on permanently. Because the reviews of his interim performance have been glowing, Campbell approached him.

“He told me that we has interested but he’s a man of integrity. He remembered our earlier conversation said he didn’t want to put in for the job if we didn’t want him to,” Campbell said.

Campbell brought it to the police chief hiring committee, which unanimously voted to add him to the pool.

“There are no guarantees. He’s qualified. He’s right in the thick of it. He’s been added to the list of 16. Will he get past that? We don’t know,” said Campbell.

The city received 44 applications for police chief. The city’s consultant, Career Directions, narrowed the field to 16. The firm will begin telephone interviews. In early May, the search committee will discuss the results of the interviews and narrow the field to six or eight candidates.

The city wants a permanent police chief by July 1.

Mary Hess April 19, 2012 at 01:22 PM
The city's consultant and Saline city council made a great choice with Mr. Mike Lindman as Imterim Saline police Cheif. The Saline police Dept went through some High stress issues over the last year. It appears this man has a low key approach ,but has had a great settling strength, during this change-over time. Thank you


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