Gov. Snyder Signs Erin’s Law to Fight Sexual Abuse of Children

The laws allow schools to implement programs for students and staff about the warning signs of sexual abuse.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed Erin’s Law to strengthen protections against sexual abuse of children this week.

Named in honor of sexual abuse survivor Erin Merryn, the package includes Senate Bills 1112-1114, sponsored by state Sens. John Proos, Rebekah Warren and Judy Emmons.

The bills allow schools to implement a program to educate and provide resources for students, staff and parents about the warning signs of sexual abuse as well as available resources and counseling for children affected by abuse. The bills also create a task force to develop recommendations on how schools can best handle educational programs.

“Everyone involved in a school – staff, students and parents – needs to recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse,” Snyder said. “We educate our children on how to say no to drugs, how to stay safe in a fire or tornado and how to avoid strangers. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is a reality for some children, and we need to provide age-appropriate education to encourage them to speak up and end the abuse.”

Snyder also signed SB 1051, sponsored by state Sen. Joe Hune, that prohibits school board members from voting on contracts and financial transactions in which they or their family members have a financial conflict of interest.

Editor's note: This press release was submitted by Gov. Snyder's Office.


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