78-Year-Old Election Worker Says It's His Last Year

Paul Thibault, of Lodi Township, has worked at the polls for four general elections.

Paul Thibault, 78, of Lodi Township, greeted voters from Precinct 3 as they entered the First United Methodist Church in Saline.

He smiled and directed them to the tables for voter check-in. Thibault said this is the fourth general election for which he has worked at the polls in Saline.

"It's probably one of my last elections that I'll be working," he said.

Seated during the slow hours, Thibault said he had been on his feet most of the day. 

"It was very, very busy the first three or four hours," he said. 

A line snaked through the halls of the Church at 9 a.m. when there were about 150 people waiting to vote, Thibault said.

He said despite the crowds people were good about following the rules. He said people quickly learned what to do with a little direction from him and other poll workers.

Dianne Hill, Saline city clerk, rotated between precinct voting locations. She said everything was running smoothly and most waits in line, if there was a line, were less than 17 minutes. 

Although the lines are gone, Thibault said, there has been a constant stream of people coming to vote.

"I'm very moved by the good turnout," he said. "And I'm looking forward to the results."

Check back with Saline Patch after the polls close for the election results.

Janice Warner November 07, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Paul, my mother is 88 and still working the polls. You could work at least two or three more Presidential elections! But seriously, thank you for your continued involvement in our community.


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