UPDATE: Woman May Be Connected to Crash That Killed 2 Royal Oak Youth

Police continue investigation after female driver comes forward with an attorney.

Michigan State Police have confirmed a woman identified as the driver of a vehicle that may have been involved in a June 22  two Royal Oak children has turned herself in.

“A person of interest has come forward with an attorney to represent her,” said Michigan State Police Brighton post Sgt. Chris Pascoe. “The woman has turned over her vehicle. Everything else is still under investigation.”

Jordan Siegel, 14, and his sister, Ashley, 11, were killed when the SUV driven by their stepmother, Dawn Siegel, rolled several times along southbound U.S. 23 in Pittsfield Township shortly before 3 p.m. on June 22. Five other members of the family were injured.

Siegel told police another vehicle cut her off and she swerved into the median to avoid the other vehicle, but was sideswiped. The other vehicle was described as a light gray Honda Odyssey minivan with a temporary license plate.

The Siegel children split their time between Novi and their father and Royal Oak and their mother, where they attended .

Ronald Wolf July 15, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I am always saddened at hearing of the death of a child, the loss of two healthy innocents is unimaginably painful. Something must be done to put more police on the road to curb aggressive and distracted driving. Michigan needs to emulate Ohio, and the auto industry needs to stop making top heavy unstable vehicles and vehicles with overpowered engines simply because that is what they believe we want. Tickets at any cost are cheap compared to tragedies that seem to occur weekly in this sorry state where speed and rage rule the roads. Instead of manning traps to make more money police need to make agressive driving, speeding, and distracted driving their priority. Harsher penalties need to be issued for repeat offenders who kill more of us daily than our enemies in Afghanistan could ever dream of!
Allie Ingalls July 23, 2012 at 06:54 PM
She was a friend. An amazing one at that. They didn't deserve to go a selfish act of another. If they were still here being the amazing people they were they wouldn't wish suffering among her. I don't want to tell everyone about what I think about her. But I would like to tell you about Ash and Jordan. So we can remember them in graceful thoughts and not hate towards another, they wouldn't want that. Ashley was soo nice, I remember once when I went ice skating with her and I had NO idea how to ice skate and I slipped into my splits on the ice rink and she helped me up and skated with me. And this other time we went to all world and she was so afraid of doing her front tuck into the foam pit and we pushed her in and we all laughed so hard. I also remembered her cell phone saying if nothing goes right, go left. She was amazing. Or when I accidently got the wrong chips from the vending machine at school. And we couldn't decide what to do them. The list goes on. I love you Ash. I didn't know Jordan very well, but I saw him practically everyday waiting at Ashley's locker. Waiting for her. Even though we never really talked, everyone could tell you loved you're little sister. And hearing all the great stories about you, you were just as amazing as Ashley was. And that's a true blessing to have 2 amazing kids. Even if we only had them for 14 and 11 years. You made an impact on everyone. I love you Ash and Jordan may you rest in piece. Everyone loves and misses you</3
Sydney Kennedy August 26, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I think I say this for everyone that knew Ashley and Jordan, even though they left us at young ages they left a major impact on everyone's lives. They always made everyone laugh and smile. They were intelligent and athletic. Just two amazing kids who had a great future set for themselves. Even though I just met them last year it seems that I knew them for a very long time. Now that there gone we have memories and blessings. <3 I wish that R.I.P ment Return If Possible. We love you. And we will see you again one day


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