Police Report: Men Made to Shake Hands After Fight

The following reports are from Saline Police Department records. Arrests do not indicated convictions.

Saline police advised two men that they would be treated like kids if they acted like kids, and then made them shake hands after the men fought in front of Village Party Store, according to a Saline Police Department report.

Police were already dealing with a 43-year-old Hillsdale man and 41-year-old Saline man on July 2 when things escalated.

According to the report, the Saline man is dating the estranged wife of the Hillsdale man, who was upset when he was accused of trespassing after bringing his children to his wife’s apartment complex. The Saline man accused the Hillsdale man of sending threatening messages, according to the report.

Over the phone, police advised both men to “drop it.” A few minutes later, the Saline man told police and the other man had sent his girlfriend’s son a text, challenging the man to a fight at Curtiss Park, according to police.

Police advised him to ignore the text.  Minutes later, the Hillsdale man called and complained the Saline man had confiscated the boy’s phone. The Hillsdale man ended the conversation with police by saying, “He is here now. Game on,” according to the report.

Police arrived at the party store and found two men yelling at each other. A couple blows were exchanged before police arrived, according to the report. Neither party was injured, according to police. The two men were advised to shake hands and go their separate ways, according to police.

iPod stolen from vehicle at Rec Center

An iPod was stolen from a vehicle parked at the Saline Rec Center June 29, according to police. An employee parked her vehicle at 11:40 a.m. and when she returned to the vehicle at 8:30 p.m., items from her vehicle had been strewn about and the iPod missing, according to police.

South Lyon man suspected of driving 'super drunk,' thought he was in Northville

A 49-year-old South Lyon man was arrested on suspicion of driving in violation of the state’s “super drunk” law. On July 8, police were dispatched to the area of Industrial Drive and Michigan Avenue with a description of a vehicle that was “all over the road.” Police found the vehicle in a nearby parking lot.  According to the report, the vehicle appeared freshly damaged and had a heavy gage wire lodged in the front bumper, as if the vehicle was driven into a fence, police said.

Police spotted the driver urinating in the trees next to the driveway before he got into the car and sat in the drivers’ seat, according to the report.

Police made contact with the driver and arrested the man after field sobriety tests.

Breathalyzer tests showed a blood alcohol content of .24 and .25—three times the legal limit of .08. The man told police he believed he was in Northville, according to the report. A nearly-empty 1.75-liter bottle  of whisky was found in the vehicle.

Man who crashed car into parked bike in front of police arrested on charges of drunk driving 

A 23-year-old Saline man was arrested on charges of drunk driving July 4. Police were working the radar gun at Michigan Avenue and Lewis Street when they saw a westbound vehicle driving at 53 miles per hour in a zone posted 35. Police followed the car to Six Trail Apartments. The vehicle attempted to pull into a parking space and struck a bike chained to the post next to the spot, according to police. When asked if he’d been drinking, the man said “not enough,” according to the report, and then refused to tell police how much he’d consumed.

After field sobriety tests, the man refused to take a preliminary breathalyzer test, according to the report. He was arrested on charges of operating while impaired, according to the report. The suspect agreed to a chemical test, which showed a blood alcohol content of .18 and .17, according to police. The case is being forwarded to the county prosecutor.

Detroit Man Ticketed for Driving With Suspended License

A 36-year-old Detroit man stopped for speeding at Huntington Drive and Monroe Street July 6 was ticketed and released for driving with a suspended license., according to a police report. His license was destroyed and vehicle towed away, according to the report. He was driving 35-miles-per hour in a zone posted 25, police said.

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