Lindman Credited With Raising Morale of Saline Police Department

Saline police officers say interim police chief Mike Lindman made an impact in his six months on the job.

Mike Lindman was only in Saline .

But it was enough time to win the respect of the members of the

Thursday afternoon, city officials, police department personnel and friends honored Lindman, the city’s interim police chief since January, for his service to the city.

“Mike was a savior to our department, in terms of morale,” said SPD dispatcher Sandy Wood.  “The difference is night and day.”

Lindman took over for in January. Morale in the department was low last year as the city contemplated to Pittsfield Township in a plan that the city hoped might save $100,000 annually. Some officers in the department were also not happy about . Both plans were eventually scuttled.

“He brought our department back together so Saline could be kind of department it’s always been,” said Bridge Seames, an officer with SPD. “He is very personable, very approachable and very attentive to what was happening in the department.”

Sgt. Kevin Murphy agreed.

“He’s a top notch guy. He’s a man of integrity. We looked at him like a football coach. He led us through a period of transition and he did a superior job,” Murphy said. “We’re going to miss him a lot."

The , said Lindman leaves a department in outstanding condition.

“I think Mike did a fabulous job here. I am really appreciative of the city allowing both of us two be here these last two weeks to show me some things that, had he just walked out the door, I would need to stumble upon,” Hrinik said.

Many in the Saline Police Department wanted Lindman hired as permanent chief. Yet, according to Seames, they are excited to work with Hrinik.

“Morale has increased quite a bit. We’re excited about having the new chief. Everyone was rooting for (Lindman). But we’re looking forward to working with the new chief and we’re hoping that we’ll continue to improve the department,” Seames said.

Mayor Gretchen Driskell said Lindman did an important job for the city.

“He stabilized the department during an important transition. Because of that, the department is moving forward in a positive way,” Driskell said.

Lindman, a resident of Salem Township, said he was flattered by the comments made by members of his department, but he humbly shrugged them off.

“I don’t deserve the credit. There’s nothing special I did. This is a great department with a great bunch of police officers who are very professional. This department ran itself,” Lindman said. “I enjoyed myself here. It’s just been awesome.”

Lindman now focuses on the upcoming high school football season. He is head coach of the South Lyon East varsity football team.

Randy July 15, 2012 at 05:56 AM
Thank you Chief Lindman!
David C. Couper July 15, 2012 at 08:48 PM
The question now is what's next? How does Saline continue to move forward? Who should the next leader be? How should he or she be selected? Under what criteria? For answers to these and other police improvement questions, read my new book, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police.” My blog is at http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com/ where I discuss these and other current police improvement issues. Good luck and may we all experience great policing!


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