Letter to the Editor: Brian Marl for Mayor of Saline

Saline resident appreciates Marl's ability to "think outside the box."

I support Brian Marl's candidacy for mayor of Saline. It is easy to say, "Brian is a great neighbor and good friend." He certainly is. But he  is much more than that.

It has been a pleasure to work with him on our church council. A church requires many of the same factors as a business: staff, budgets, meetings, and personal attention to members. His efficiency as President of our council was shown over and over.

Meetings were run in a timely fashion and Brian always made certain that all voices were heard. We accomplished so much during his leadership. He spearheaded the effort to carefully examine the church' current position as well as its future. All council members were actively involved in the process.

I find Brian's ability to think outside the box a fine benefit. I have no doubt that he will work hard for Saline to keep it on course and a forward-thinking community.

Susan Keezer

Saline, MI

City council member Brian Marl is running against former city council member Glenn Law for the Saline mayoral office.


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