Letter: Bus Stop Kids Make New Saline Residents Feel Welcome

Newcomers to Saline were touched by the kindness of kids and parents at the bus stop in front of their home.

We are new residents of Saline. We moved here last Memorial Day weekend. We live on the corner of Mills and Hollywood by Houghton School. As we discovered this year, this corner is the bus stop.

The children who waited at the bus stop made my morning each week day. As I left for work they were out there playing, interacting and being so respectful of the our property and each other that on those days I went off to work with smile, remembering my own childhood and delighting in theirs.

We interacted with waves, to the kids and sometimes to the parents, siblings and pets who waited there with them too. This corner bustled on school days and was great fun! Well, to our surprise, on the last day of school we came home to a note stuck in our mailbox with a “Thank You to Bus Stop hosts” and a gift card to the Drowsy Parrot.

Wow! I have never lived anywhere whose residents are more friendly, or thoughtful. I am not certain how to express our gratitude to these people, as we don’t see them now for the summer – so I wanted to share with the Saline news just what a welcoming, wonderful place we feel we moved too – and to say thank you for such a kind gesture from a group of people that had already given me so much each morning. Thank you to the school bus stop kids and their parents for being so wonderful and for the extra kindness of the gift card! It is so true that random acts of kindness can change a whole day, week, month maybe even a whole year!


With Gratitude and Thanksgiving,

Debbie Wollard & Craig Everett

Residents of the Bus Stop House on Mills & Hollywood


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