Judge Shelton Endorses Washington for Circuit Court

Shelton is endorsing Eraine Washington for Circuit Court judge because of her experience with felony jury trials and divorce and child custody cases.

Many people have asked me about the Washtenaw County Circuit Judge election. Judicial elections can be confusing. The non-partisan portion of the primary election ballot shows:

                                    JUDGE OF CIRCUIT COURT

                                    22ND CIRCUIT

                                    NON-INCUMBENT POSITION

There are four candidates for the open Circuit Judge seat resulting from the retirement of Judge Morris. I am endorsing Eraine C. Washington.

I have been a Circuit Judge for 23 years and am now the Chief Judge of the Washtenaw Trial Court. The primary functions of our Court are (1)  conducting trials of criminal felonies; (2) handling divorces and child custody cases; and (3) conducting civil jury trials. I am supporting Eraine Washington in part because I have never seen any of the other three candidates conduct a criminal felony jury trial or handle a divorce or child custody case or be the lead attorney in a civil jury trial. Only Ms. Washington has done all three. 

Frankly, these are difficult times for the courts with reductions in funding and staffing. We simply do not have the luxury of "on-the-job training" for a new Circuit Judge. The public safety and welfare of our County cannot afford it. I have known Eraine Washington as an experienced attorney for over a decade. She is an excellent lawyer and a truly good person. She will make an excellent Circuit Court Judge.

Donald E.Shelton

Chief Judge

Washtenaw Trial Court

Ann Arbor, Michigan


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