Saline Sale to Benefit Bedridden Resident

The sale will be held September 20-22 from 9 a.m to 4 p.m at 7198 Noble Road in Saline.

Ann Arbor resident Carol Marie Keeler has been nearly immobilized for the past 12 years.

Afflicted with a bed sore that won’t completely heal, the 46-year-old's friends and neighbors are coming together to help raise money during a charity garage sale benefit.

The sale will be held September 20-22 from 9 a.m to 4 p.m at 7198 Noble Road in Saline.

Funds raised will help pay for Keeler’s needs, mainly utility bills, made expensive by a special sand bed that is heated and rotates to help relieve pressure from the wound. To keep the bed running properly, air conditioners must run continuously, which also add to the cost of utility bills.

This year, the money raised from the sale will also help buy a new air conditioner to replace one that had recently broken down.

Family friend Mary Jo Davis, who is helping with the sale, said Carol and her family grew up in Saline. Davis encourages people to go online and visit www.caringbridge.org and read Carol’s journal and updates regarding her condition.  

Vicki Moser, Carol’s sister has organized the sale for the past three years. Moser said many families at St. Andrews Church have donated items for the sale. She added that many people have come by and dropped off items for the sale, or in some cases have just made a financial donation.

“It’s really a community event,” said Moser.  “There is really good stuff that people have donated from brand new shoes to strollers.”  

Moser is happy to help her sister by donating her time to organize the event, and lending her huge pole barn for the sale.

Born with Spina bifida, as a teenager Carol was placed in an ill-fitting wheelchair when the pressure sore first developed.  As a paraplegic, Keller has no feeling in her lower extremities which made it nearly impossible for her to feel sore developing.

Although treatment was only supposed to last six months after the sore was first discovered, the ordeal has lasted for more than 12 years. Davis said the wound heals and then there are setbacks.

Providing for the family’s needs has also been difficult.

Carol’s husband Larry, due to blindness, cannot support the family. Medical treatments have also been minimal because the families medical insurance is provided by the state.

Larry and Carol have two children, Virginia and Steven.  

Carol has been able to escape the house on a few rare occasions including visiting her family at Christmas. Carol was also able to attend her son Steven’s wrestling tournament and traveled out of state to see her daughter graduate from college.

Even though the family has endured such difficulties, Moser said you’d never know it.

“They are very delightful people,” she said. They are just full of life.”

For more information or to donate call Vicky at 734-429-7186


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