Good Morning Saline From Mary Hess

A Saline neighbor wants you take care of your flag this spring.

Today's Good Morning Saline greeting is from Saline resident Mary Hess, who asks residents to inspect their flags after a long winter, and make sure they are suitable for display this spring and summer.

We found this advice on several websites, including the Naval Air Station of Fort Lauderdale Museum page.

  • If soiled, the flag may be washed or dry cleaned.
  • When torn or frayed but not faded, the flag may be mended.
  • A worn or faded flag should be retired with respect. Fold the flag and place it on a fire. The ashes should then be buried.
  • The Saline American Legion Post has an outdoor container where residents can drop off flags for ceremonial retirement.
george perrault April 03, 2012 at 03:43 PM
In addition to Mary Hess's I'd like to add some comments. True the Saline American Legion has a retired flag barrel at the entrance to the Post. The Washtenaw County Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 310 collects the retired flags on a regular basis for proper retirement (burning) in accordance with the US flag code. The barrel was established by the Boy Scouts which the Legion Post sponsors some 5/6 yearfs ago. There have been hundreds of flags collected over the years. If one is interested, each and every Sunday before memorial day, at dusk, Chapter 310 burns each and every flag in honor of a veteran. The public is invited to place a flag on the fire in honor of a veteran if they wish. The ceremony is held at the Washtenaw County Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Ypsilanti Township Civic. Take I94 East, exit Huron St. turn right, go down to the 2nd light and turn left and down approx 1/4 on it is on your right.
george perrault April 03, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Also a few pointers about flag etiquette. It is NOT against the law if a flag is flown at night, it is proper etiquette to light it. If you see a flagpole without a flag, please ask them to fly one. If you see a flag that is faded, torn or tattered please ask them to replace it. I seen a flagpole the other day that was a good 50 tall with a 3 X 5 flag flown and I wrote their corporate office letting them know that wasn't proper. If you see a flag flown above the American flag, that is NOT proper. No flag may be flown higher with only one exception. The church pernnant may be flown above the US flag on a US Navy vessel at sea during religious services. Other flags may be flown equal to the US height but not higher with the only exception I mentioned. Hope some of these pointers will help people in respecting OUR flag. George Perrault Vietnam Veteran U. S. Navy 57-82
Randy April 03, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Thanks George. I didn't know you could take old flags to the legion hall.


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