Good Morning Saline, From Kevin Doll at the Saline Farmers Market

The Saline Farmers Market is at the Saline District Library from 3-7 p.m. every Tuesday.

Today's Good Morning Saline greeting is from Kevin Doll, of Back Forty Acres, one of the vendors at the Tuesday Saline Farmers Market held behind the

The market takes place from 3-7 p.m.

Here's a description of the kinds of food available from the market from the Back Forty Acres website:

Back Forty Acres is a family-owned farming venture whose vision is to produce good tasting meat and poultry products for the local community, raised naturally - on pasture and with natural feeds - humanely - done in a sustainable fashion.  Simple as that! 

Our animal feed has no chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones.  Mother Nature does not feed these to her animals and humans were not meant to consume them through the food chain.  We believe mimicking Mother Nature can improve the quality of food and the quality of life.

Our animals are not confined as they are in many factory farms.  Our turkeys and broiler chickens are housed in large portable pens outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Daily we move them from spot to spot in the pasture where they eat insects and grass, which we supplement with our natural feed.  Our egg layers are outdoors too. In the summer they live on pasture with shelter in our SLOW wagon and in the winter they are in our hoophouse where the chickens occupy ground level and rabbits are house above. Our sheep and goats are grass fed on 20 acres.  The pigs are currently in the barn with 24/7 access to a paddock.  Soon they too will have their own corner of the pasture, where they can root around and just enjoy being a pig!  Outside living with access to proper foods can improve the quality of the meat and eggs along with the quality of the animal's life.



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