Saline Residents Are Thankful For ...

Family, health, Benito's Pizza and St. Andrew's Church -- these are all things Saline residents said they are thankful for this year. What are you thankful for?

As we all gather around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, people throughout Saline will be sharing what they are thankful for this year. Here is what a few readers shared with us on our Facebook page.

What are you thankful for? Add it to the comments section! You can also add a photo of what you're thankful for to our gallery at the right.

  • Monica Miklosovic St. Andrew, my church.
  • Linda Nichols I am thankful for our recent move to Saline, and my wonderful family and friends. I am very blessed.
  • Deb Crane-Heilman For family past and present, for all memories, for my children, for the teachers that teach them, for friends that can be trusted, for people that show kindness and understanding, for all that dedicate their lives for us, even if they don't agree, for the people that have crossed my path, and for all the lessons learned....<3
  • Amy Loveland Wallen I am thankful for my beautiful family, nursing school and Benito's pizza! Our business has made is possible for us to help out others in the community.
  • April Scarlett My marriage! Our boys and family are beautiful because our foundation is strong, fun and fabulous. So thankful for hubby and sons!
  • Karen Johnson My husband, two boys, health and many other blessings.
  • Katie Muysenberg My family! And missing those who wont be here this year.


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