Saline Becoming Quite The Coffee Town

While it is common to see a coffee shop on every corner in cities like Ann Arbor, Saline is catching up.

There used to be one or two coffee hang-outs in Saline for coffee connoisseurs.

Over the last year, there seems to have been a boom in fresh ground, barista-made coffee varieties available at many locales, seven to be exact when it comes to specialty coffees. Of course, all of the restaurants in town offer a house variety, and even some with spirits.

“Chai at Drowsy (Parrot),” said Karen Delhey of Saline, for tea. “Though Brewed Awakenings is becoming a fast fave too.” 

Delhey is not alone in her positive review of Brewed Awakenings, open just a few months on the east side of town.

“I love the new place, Brewed Awakenings,” said Theresa Likert. “They are always so grateful you stopped by.” 

The new coffee shop stop is also enjoyed by those most often to stay in for their own coffee too. 

Some, like Jeanine Sutherland, prefer the comfy confines of their home.

“The French press in my kitchen makes a perfectly yummy cup of coffee for a fraction of the price I would pay at any café,” she said, “though I do like Brewed Awakenings too.” 

For those who grind and brew at home, most coffee shops, as well as groceries stores, offer many bean varieties so people can brew their own. Fresh Roasting is a brand available at the Saline Farmer’s Market, and is roasted right in Saline.

Sometimes it isn’t so much the coffee as the conversation. For the earliest cup of java in Saline, nobody beats Benny’s Bakery, with doors officially open at 5:30 am. Robin Schantz decorates cakes and specialty cookies at Benny’s. 

“We are usually drinking it (coffee) all night, and the door is usually open for early birds once the donuts start rolling out,” she said. 

Todd Girdis, also of Saline, agrees Benny’s is a good choice. 

“Always a good cup of joe there“ said Girdis. Good conversations are easy to start there as well.”

Old favorites include and , both right downtown. A new option on Saline’s west side is , with a full coffee menu.  On the far opposite of town, coffee, a chain in the Midwest, offers a drive-thru for commuters in and out of town. Other drive through coffee quick stops are s and .

The Brecon Grille offers a dessert coffee menu with alcohol, a Spanish coffee for example containing orange and coffee liqueurs, brandy and whipped cream. 

With so many choices in our own community, there is no longer a reason for coffee lovers to drift elsewhere to satisfy their need for java. 

GiGi May 03, 2011 at 06:42 PM
Great info! I didn't know about The Riverside Grille. I'll be giving them a try soon!


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