City Council Considers Emergency Siren Locations, Unicyle Race

Saline City Council meets at 7 p.m. Monday at city hall.

Saline City Council will talk about and emergency sirens and unicycle races among other issues when it meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday at city hall.

City council will consider replacing its two existing warning sirens with three new sirens in the city.

The sirens are among 39 operated by Washtenaw County’s Emergency Services Division. They are sounded during a tornado warning, severe thunderstorms where the winds are in excess of 70 miles per hour, a hazardous materials accident requiring protective action, or when an attack on the United States is imminent or underway.

Sirens are located at North Maple Road and Woodland Drive and at the Saline Fire Station.

There are four proposed locations for the sirens:

• Woodland Drive, west of Maple Road

• Austin Drive dead end at Michigan Avenue on the south side of the road.

• North Harris Street at East McKay Street, between City Hall and the Saline Fire Department

• East Henry Street at Old Creek Drive, on the southwest corner of the intersection.

The first two locations would provide warning coverage for the northern and western portions of town. The city will decide between the third and fourth options.

City Council will also consider a request from the Unicycling Society of America, which hosts the North American Unicycle Conference and Championship at Saline Middle School from Tuesday-Sunday. The group is asking permission to close Watson Road and partial closing of Chandler Street and Nichols Drive from 3-5 p.m., Wednesday, July 11 for a Unicycle Race. For more on the unicycling events, click here.

City council will also consider agreements with the Saline District Library and Ann Arbor Railroad. The deal with the library spells out the responsibilities and allows the city to manage construction of the non-motorized bath connecting Maple Road and Harris Street. The deal with the railroad is necessary because part of the path is in the railroad’s right-of-way. The city and Saline Historical Society already lease right-of-way from the railroad for Depot Museum. The new library-Brecon path will tie into the depot trail.

City council will hear three presentations. Kelly Idzikowski, manager of Saline’s Main Street program, will speak. George Perrault will speak about the Oakwood Cemetery flagpole project and provide details about an upcoming public dedication. A representative from the Saline Celtic Festival will speak about this weekend’s event.

In the consent agenda will consider

• Approving a plan to sell a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria on E-Bay.

• Approving a plan to sell a Konica Minolta copy machine on E-Bay.

• Approving appointment of Police Chief Larry Hrinik as deputy treasurer for the purpose of collecting parking fines. Council will also consider appointing Hrinik as the city’s Civil Defense Director, Health Services Coordinator and Traffic Engineer for traffic control orders and street sign enforcement.

• Approving a request to renew the city’s Internet domain name.




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