Fiddlers ReStrung Awarded $5,000 by Bank of Ann Arbor

Over the past two years, Bank of Ann Arbor has awarded $8,500 to the band of Saline High School fiddlers.

Hey parents, maybe all that time your children spend on Facebook can be productive.

This spring, Bank of Ann Arbor launched a Facebook campaign to help local non-profit groups. Fiddlers ReStrung applied for a grant to help pay for the branding of their truck, which hauls the bands equipment .

Fiddlers ReStrung competed on Facebook with about 10 other non-profits for the $5,000 grant.

"And this group knows how to 'Facebook,'" said Walt Byers, Senior Vice President of Bank of Ann Arbor, when awarding the big check to the Fiddlers ReStrung at the Celtic Festival. "This is the second year in a row. Last year, they "

Byers said Bank of Ann Arbor is happy to help local non-profit groups.

"(Non-profit groups) are a big part of our community," said Byers.

Bank of Ann Arbor is opening a branch on East Michigan Avenue in Downtown Saline this fall.

"We'll be glad to be your bank and be part of the community," Byers said.

Fiddlers ReStrung recently returned from its tour of the Midwest, during which they played a concert at Mount Rushmore. To see the video of Fiddlers ReStrung playing.


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