Saline Pics & Clips

Share photos and videos of your community with your neighbors.

Welcome to one of Patch's latest features — "Your Neighborhood Gallery." We hope this tool will make it easier for you to upload any picture or video to share with Saline. We've started it off with a few pictures from around town, but this is about the pictures and videos you take.

How to contribute 

To add a photo or a video, click on "upload photos and video" above or below the images. We also recommend (but it's not required) that you select "Click on an image to add a caption" after uploading and add the following details:

  • A general location of where and when this was taken
  • Anything special about that you'd like to share and/or simply who is in the photo or video
  • Where you live — Saline, Lodi, York, Pittsfield, etc.

You to register to contribute. It takes only a minute. For more information, contact Local Editor Tran Longmoore (tran.longmoore@patch.com).


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