Here's Why Our Contest Winners Won't Text and Drive

We asked readers to tell us why they won't text and drive, and here's what they said.

Patch.com in Michigan partnered with AT&T to raise awareness about distracted driving. As part of our series, we are rewarding readers who commit to not text and drive with a contest.

Here are the winners, and why they won't text and drive:

Denise Roberts of Milford: I will never text and drive. My son and I watch too many drivers distracted by their phones. Talking and texting in school zones also should be illegal. I see too many parents picking up their children from school that are distracted with cell phone use. This puts our children and others at risk just walking to school.

Deborah Lines of Troy: I pledge to never text and drive because I value my life and those of my children and their friends who often ride in my car. By setting the example of not texting while driving, I hope that my children will never text and drive. A two second "Hey" while driving could be the length of a football field, why take the risk?

Eric Matthews of New Baltimore: I will not text and drive because I will be to busy watching for other drivers driving while putting on makeup, eating , reading, or just can not drive, and texting and talking on the phone.

New Baltimore Patch reader Christina Bandy: I would never text and drive. I value my son, my life, and my family way too much to jeopordize anything. I also wouldn't want to devastate another family if something were to go wrong. My cousins stepfather was killed a few years ago by a girl texting on the freeway. It's horrible seeing someone go through that. Also, there's been many times where I've almost gotten hit by someone not paying attention because they're too busy texting. It infuriates you! Especially when my son is in the car. People need to be responsible drivers, and I am a responsible driver. I pledge to not text while driving.

Laura Young of Wyandotte: I will not text and drive because I would never want to be responsible for hurting another person....ever! I was actually rear ended by a woman who was texting while driving with my teenage daughter in the car. Ironically, I am very happy this happened to us. The accident was minor, nobody was hurt, and it taught a lesson to the driver along with my newly driving teen. She was visibly shaken and now knows the repercussions first hand of what happens when full attention is not on the road.

Susie Fenster of West Bloomfield: I pledge not to text and drive because I value my life's, my children's lives and all those who are on the road with me at that time. I will not allow my children to text and drive ever and I need to be a positive role model for them!

tom a anu October 09, 2012 at 11:18 PM
9 October 2012 Hi Clawson Patch: I so love receiving this information everyday. It keeps well informed of daily events and I know that I feel priviledged to see how this information is of value to all seniors. Especially the ones living in your Senior Center. I have a friend there who is very happy that you are an exclusive place catering to only those who can afford it. Perhaps it would be of benefit to open the place up those with health issues since our health system is so in need of change. I know I have been critically ill without insurance and no place to live and had to live in compromised situations. It was the most horrendous experience of my life. Something I wish no one would have to go through at middle age with a health condition. What is more is my older friend felt I was a threat to living in your community as it would expose the fact that our health care system is so very destroyed. She is a woman of necessary means who feels that as long as the Lord wants her down here doing his work, well she will be able to live. But what about us atheists, gnotiscs, and those who just need an affordable place that is safe and central. Again, all my thanks for providing a space to vent. Regards, Tom A Anu


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