Twenty Tweeters To Track

Are you on Twitter and wondering who to follow? We can help.

Who are the twinkling stars in the local Twitterverse?

Even if you’re not tweeting, it’s difficult to escape the influence of the popular social media network. This March, Twitter will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the first tweet. Last year, there were 60 billion tweets and Mike Massimino sent the first ever tweet from outer space

A man named Chris Strouth tweeted, “(Expletive), I need a kidney.” And Twitter helped him find one.

Twitter helped reunite families and helped save victims in an earthquake. The revolution is being Tweeted by Tibetan monks, protestors in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Locally, it is used by government and schools as a real-time communicating tool, by businesses to keep customers apprised of the latest specials, and by organizations to keep members informed.

Some people use Twitter to vent to friends about the weather, that excessive homework load, or the latest mumbo jumbo coming out of Washington.

Immersing yourself in Twitter can be a daunting task. Who should you follow? Well, if you are interested in local (and that's what Saline Patch does), we're recommending you follow these 20 stars in the Twitterverse.

  1. @SalineSchools: With 1,375 followers, Saline Area Schools is one of the most influential tweeters in all the local twitterverse. Follow @SalineSchools if you want to stay up to date on the latest local news in the district, blogs by district officials, school closings and more.
  2. @SalineAthletics: All the latest scores, game postponements, and links to Hornets sports stories.
  3.  @AnnArborcom: Keep up to day with all the latest news from Washtenaw County’s biggest news organization.
  4. @MeganCrosbie: Saline High School grad Megan Crosbie is the marketing coordinator for Charles Reinhart.  If you’re starting a business and wondering how to use twitter to market yourself, follow her personal account or her professional account at @charlesreinhart.
  5. @cseeman: Corey Seeman is the Director of the Kresge Business Admin Library. But he also takes pictures of squirrels, cats, foxes and deer. He links to articles about human rights abuses. He’s the very definition of a citizen journalist on twitter Every where he goes, it seems, he’s documenting life. And he’s quick to share a great sense of humor.
  6. @SuperScot: Scot Graden is probably the most hi-fi wi-fi guy school superintendent in Michigan. Follow him for local district news, obviously. More importantly, he links to a lot of stories about educational pilot programs and educational reform. It’s a good insight into where public education is headed, and you get the sense that Saline will be vanguard.
  7. @CityofSaline: The city isn’t very active on Twitter. But when a water main breaks, a snow emergency is declared or the ice rink opens, they let us know via Twitter.
  8. @WashtenawCounty: County news, including weather warnings, traffic updates, health department alerts and more.  Also follow: @washtenawalerts and @WSheriff
  9. @missycaulk: With 4,267 followers, realtor Missy Caulk is one of the most followed tweeters in the Saline area. If there’s a social media platform, Caulk is at the forefront of the movement. It’s hard to fathom how a single person can be responsible for so many tweets, websites, newsletters and posts on Facebook and now Pinterest.
  10. @CoreyLordCPA: For some, Twitter has replaced message boards as the location for talking about issues. Corey Lord
  11. @LucyAnnLance: When not on the air, the radio show host keeps her audience informed with tweets throughout the day. A good mix of local and national news, with personal messages sprinkled within
  12. @NEWSalineALTHS: Saline Alternative High School principal Carol Melcher links to some of the most interesting and thought provoking articles on education. She also highlights the exploits of her students and Saline Area Schools grads.
  13. @gdriskell: Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell is somewhat sporadic in her use of Twitter. She tweets about anything from Michigan Municipal League policy to the latest fashions from CAbi.
  14. @DavidVeselenak: A journalist for Heritage Newspapers, Veselenak is one who has embraced social media. He’s one of those people worth following just to learn how to engage using social media.
  15. @SalineMilanNews: Michelle Rogers is editor of the Saline Reporter and Milan News leader and they’ve taken their tweets to an entirely new frequency lately, reporting local news and retweeting local tweeters.
  16. @A2BreakingNews: A news feed provided by local realtor @MissyCaulk. Local news up to the minute. Careful though, it can be overwhelming at times.
  17. @Tirinth: No idea who this is, but Tirinth tweets lots of important articles about the threats freedom and democracy. Also lots of links to articles and videos off the beaten path.
  18. @NewsOfAnnArbor: Twitter account for a local satire blog that that pokes fun at Ann Arbor and AnnArbor.com. Caution: When on top of their game, coffee may squirt out your nose.
  19. @MrBusDriverSir : Bus driver Gordon George has only 16 followers. But he tweets scores and updates during Hornet road games. Invaluable!
  20.  @hoeftrcra: Fire Chief and School Board Trustee Craig Hoeft has never tweeted. But there are 16 followers who are patiently awaiting his maiden voyage into the Twitterverse.

To further assist people in their Twitterverse voyages, Saline Patch is beginning a local twitter directory.

If you'd like to be listed in the directory, list your twitter account and name or business in the comments section.

You can follow Saline Patch by clicking here.





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Tran Longmoore January 28, 2012 at 04:24 AM
Follow. Follow.
Randy January 28, 2012 at 06:00 AM
If I sign up for this do i need to learn to type with my thumbs? My old typing teacher would have whooped me with the ruler for that.
Megan Crosbie January 28, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Thank you so much for including me in this list! :]


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