Good Morning Saline, From Gym America Gymnasts

The girls participated in the "Olympic Experience" at Saline High School Tuesday.

Today's Good Morning Saline greeting comes from a group of Gym America gymnasts. The girls are cheering on the Team USA gymnastics team at the Summer Olympic Games.

The girls took part in Tuesday's "The Olympic Experience" at Saline High School, where kids were given the chance to try gymnastics and track and field events.

After collecting their "gold medals," kids and their families gathered in the Saline High School Commons to watch gymnastics on a giant screen television.

The event was sponsored by Gym America, Saline Area Schools, Community Education and the Saline Rec Center.

Gary Talley August 03, 2012 at 06:33 AM
I,as a military vet, was very disappointed that Gym America was using the Americab Flag as wraps for photos. Not only were they using the Flag as props for photos, I noticed they the flags were drug on the ground numerous times. Per U.S. regulations, this was disgracing the one emblem of America that we look up to. The flag is not suppose to touch anything beneath it. I was very sooty seeing this being done. Again, per U.S. regulations, the Flags which touched the ground, are to be burned with the dignity that they deserve . Please contact and veteran organization, turn the flag over to them, and they will be glad to take care of this, In the future, use the American Flag for what it was designed for. To show that "our star spangled banner yet waved", not for some foolish photo op. Any further questions, please contact me: Gary Talley Gdtalley56@msn.com or 734.587.1237 Thank you


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